About Us

About Us


RICHWISE MARKETING CO., LTD. is a supplier of engine treatment products for engine car and machinery.

WISE is the product’s name which is under the license of the company. WISE products are produced with high technology & development from the United States. Manufacturer is certified ISO 9001: 2000 and pass the test from highest standard laboratory. The specially formulated chemical of WISE products are suitable for all internal combustion engines as well the new model common rail diesel engine.

Right now, WISE are distributed in various brands car’s showroom every region of the Thailand and feedback very well from customers who have used the product more than 500,000 cars. In addition to using the car generally WISE also apply to racing quarter mile high-horsepower, which proved as well as its ability to protect the engine and the car NISSAN 200SX(SR20DET, 749 high-horsepower) has won #1 in SOUPED UP THAILAND RECORDS 2013 PRO 4 competition, which competition ranking fastest car of Thailand.

Our company is proud to have been involved in product quality and use well in the standard prices by professional expert. Delivered to customers in order to bring you optimal performance. You can be assured that our product used really works.

If you would like more information Please contact us for officials will have the opportunity to bring the product to you in detail.